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Q: Why do a custom build instead of just going over to a "Big Box" store and buying a PC off the shelf?


A:  The short answer:  Money.  When you have a computer built by us you get an extraordinary amount of "bang for your buck."  Not to mention that the computer will be built by technicians who do nothing but assemble and repair computers all day long, and not built by a machine somewhere in China.  We source and shop all of our parts online to find the best prices to keep amazing machines affordable.


Q:  Are custom builds just something for Gamers / Graphic Designers?


A:  Not at all.  We can build a desktop for nearly *any* budget.  Enthusiasts just know that building a computer is far more cost effective and customizable compared to just grabbing a machine off of the shelf at a local big box store.


Please see our comparison of a high-end gaming machine from a big box store versus one of our very own builds.  The difference is huge in both the price and the hardware.




Custom Build Comparison Pics of Our Custom Builds

One of the many services offered at Computers of Charleston is our Custom PC / Gaming PC Builds.  We have and continue to build high quality desktop computers for people from all walks of life.  So whether you are a hardcore gamer, an architect, or someone who simply wants a reliable desktop that exceeds their expectations--get in touch with us and let us build you the machine of your dreams.

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